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A dual focus on strategy and planning with personal and professional development, Forge: ENGAGE combines creative thinking with education, skills workshops, content huddles, 1:1 meetings, closed-door, peer-led collaborations,guest keynotes, socializing and fun!

Join the Procurement Foundry community live in Atlanta!


Forge: ENGAGE is for those at the forefront of the future of procurement conversation. 200+ decision makers will be converging in Atlanta on November 15-17, 2023 to collaborate and inspire each other to take the next giant leap forward!
Join us and connect with thought leaders, influencers, budget-holders, and procurement leaders, who are changing the way procurement thinks, acts and leads their organizations.

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Who will be there?

  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Head of Global Procurement
  • Head of Indirect Procurement
  • Head of Global Direct Materials
  • Head of Digital Procurement
  • Head of Strategy and Performance
  • Head of Strategic Sourcing
  • SVP, VP, Director, Procurement

Forge: ENGAGE will bring you:

  • 200+ procurement leaders who are driving the sourcing strategy for their organization
  • Insights on managing macro-economic trends, inflation, pricing and supply chain disruptions
  • Outlook and opportunity in emerging technologies
  • Personal and professional development and skills-building sessions
  • High level strategy and tactical implementation
  • Leaders 30, invitation-only briefing
  • Women in Procurement Network seminar
  • Unlimited networking and 1:1 meeting opportunities

Why attend?

Forge: ENGAGE is the place to improve your procurement game and embrace personal growth. You will gain the latest insights on the macro and geopolitical developments and procurement trends you need to know about to effectively build your strategy and develop your team. Network with 200+ procurement titans.
  1. Join the collaborative event agenda. Engage and learn from 200+ peers. Unleash collective wisdom for growth.

  2. Are you ready to expand your understanding, turbocharge your decision-making skills, and empower you to rock the procurement field like a boss? Prepare to have your mind blown by insights from 60+ industry experts.

  3. Gain access to procurement opportunities through strategic networking. Connect with like-minded professionals to build partnerships for success.

  4. Unleash your potential through tailored personal development training in procurement. Elevate your skills, enhance your competencies, and soar to new heights in the procurement industry.

  5. Benchmark with diverse industry peers. Discover where you stand and align your business for success.

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This was the BEST event I've attended since I've been involved in Sourcing/Procurement/Vendor Management. The speakers, the sessions, but most importantly, the people. Simply FANTASTIC.

- Craig Smith, DHI Group

Craig Smith DHI

Before knowing what PF is we already experienced dozens of organic leads because a couple of customers posted in PF about their experience with us



Felix Meng

The ability to partner with Strategic Sourcing Executives as a trusted advisor is unlike anything I’ve witnessed in my 20-year career.



Ryan Young

Aligning with Procurement Foundry brought us into regular contact with our target audience, through individuals that this community has come to respect and trust.


Rich Ham


MOMENTS from FORGE: Engage, LAS VEGAS 2022:


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If you want to join the conversation, please get in touch.

Speaking opportunities: 

Claire Barnes 


Sponsorship opportunities: 

Sophie Serhan

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