Conference Tickets


$1399 - Standard


$1699 - Standard

Suppliers & Solution Partners


Buy-side includes sourcing practitioners only.





Colleague Discount

Attn: Speakers. Your team members can take advantage of you speaking at this event. If someone from your company wants to attend they can benefit from a 25% discount.

Team Discount

Teams of 3-4 can book together on a single card, or corporate invoice and receive a 20% discount.

Teams of 5+. Contact Claire Barnes at to discuss your needs.

Multi-Event Packages

Looking for the flexibility to be able to send multiple team members to multiple Procurement Foundry Community Gatherings. Contact to discuss your needs.

Things you should know about Procurement Foundry Community Gatherings:

  • To qualify for Procurement Foundry Membership ticket rates you must have an approved and claimed membership to the Procurement Foundry Collaboration community. You must have logged into the community in the past 60 days of your ticket purchase date.

  • All ticket purchase requests are reviewed to assure that our Community Gathering attendees have the correct ticket type, and have completed the purchase process. 

  • "Sell-side" solution provider ticket quantities are limited. Procurement Foundry monitors and maintains these inventories, and calculates availability with event sponsor ticket allocations as well. 

  • Event and ticket fees include continental breakfast, break beverages and snacks, venue access (based on ticket type), lunch, cocktail receptions, all event documentation, event app access, and other misc., found in the particular event descriptions.

  • Procurement Foundry reserves the right to review any ticket holder and their current applicable ticket at any time prior to, during or withing 7 days after the event. If it is found that the ticket holder has misrepresented their proper ticket designation, Procurement Foundry reserves the right to invoice the ticket holder for any additional fees due and may determine future event attendance eligibility at its own discretion.